Sutro Baths and Oakland Redwoods Engagement

September 2, 2020

When people as cool as Erin and Rene ask, “Hey Liz, do you want to come up to the Bay Area to take our engagement photos at the Sutro Baths and Oakland Redwoods? You can meet our dog, too!”, the answer is always HECK YES.

We had the best time driving from San Francisco to Oakland together, hiking around the redwoods and snapping photos along the way. Their sweet pup, Kramer, even got to tag along for a bit, too!

Next, we dropped Kramer off and headed for the Sutro Baths (with a quick stop at Legion of Honor, of course). We made it just in time for a beautiful golden sunset at the Sutro Baths, and this was a real treat considering Karl the Fog usually rolls in by evening. As dusk settled in, we hiked back up the stairs to take in the San Francisco views one last time.

When we took these Sutro Baths and Oakland redwoods engagement photos in San Francisco and Oakland in 2019, the plan was that Erin and Rene would have their wedding the following May. But, as we all know, Ms. Rona has been giving the world a run for its money. Erin and Rene have to postpone their wedding two times now, and it just doesn’t seem fair! But, they have been total troopers! May 2021, here we come!

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