It ain't about the money money money

But I mean I guess money's still important to talk about

Here, the word custom means less money, not more

I know that the word custom probably just made dollar signs start flashing around in your head. But, relax. Here, custom doesn't mean more expensive. It means the opposite. It goes like this:




I create three custom photography packages that perfectly match you two and what you have planned. Nothing too big, nothing too small

You choose your favorite package, book me, and are stuck with me basically for life ;)

You tell me all of your hopes, dreams, and expectations for your wedding day.

weddings and elopEments

Everything's custom, but here are the basics of what I offer:

Minimum of 6 hours of coverage

Sneak peeks within a week

Full edited gallery within 6 weeks

No maximum number of photos

Personal printing rights

Timeline collaboration and creation

A 60+ page guide of all the things you need (+ want) to know

An invaluable hype girl for life (that's ME)

Wedding and elopement coverage average between $6,000 and $8,500

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Couple sessions

Unlike my weddings and elopements, I have set package prices for couple sessions (but I'm also happy to customize things to you). Sessions range from 60 minutes to 3+ hours, depending on how much coverage you're looking for and how many places you want to go. Here's what all of my couple sessions include:

Minimum of 60 minutes of coverage

Sneak peek pics within a week

Full edited gallery within 4 weeks

No max. number of photos

Personal printing rights

Location scouting, if needed

A 20+ page outfit/location/session prep guide

An invaluable hype girl for life (that's ME)

Starting at $750

send an inquiry

step one

step two

step three

You sign Ye Olde Contract, pay your retainer, and I'm yours.

Retainers are always credited towards your final balance.

You email me and gimme all the deets.

Then, we hop on a phone call, and you give me more deets.

I create three custom photography packages for you. You decide which one you like best.

email me

$1,500 retainer for weddings

50% retainer for everything else


now let's talk about

and how i work with them

You know how hotels, plane tickets, etc. are cheaper on weekdays and in "off season"? I work that way, too! Every year, peak wedding season is May through October. That means that I can work with budgets a lot more easily during non-peak months (Nov. - April)!

And, you know that the most popular days of the week are for weddings? Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. But, if you have your wedding on a Mon. - Thurs., again I'm able to work with budgets a bit more!

A Thursday wedding will be cheaper than a Saturday wedding. A February wedding will be cheaper than a September wedding.

Let's Talk About Your Budget



(aka very frequently asked questions)

The truth of the matter is— I don't really like having my photos taken either. That's why I'm always behind the camera, not in front of it. But, that also means that I understand. Instead of making your photography experience one that's full of stuffy poses, I focus on prompting you in natural ways to make sure that your photos are full of real, positive reactions rather than forced half smiles.

my partner doesn't like to have their photo taken. how does that work?

For some couples & weddings, I find that it's essential to have a second photographer. And, for some couples & weddings, it's not necessary. I recommend second photographers for larger weddings (>115 guests) or when you and your partner are getting ready at different locations (i.e. one of you at an Airbnb and one of you at a hotel). Having a second shooter means the ability to photographically be in two places at once.

Do we need a second shooter?

HECK YES I SELL REAL ALBUMS. And, I swear to goodness, they're the most beautiful things you'll ever hold in your lifetime (yes, even better than your potential future children or dog/cat children...maybe).


Step 1: Email me ASAP and lemme know what photography package

you want to go with.

Step 2: I'll email you a contract to sign and retainer invoice ($1,500.00 flat fee) to pay. Everything can be done digitally! Sooooo easy.

Step 3: Once I've received your signed contract and paid retainer, IT'S OFFICIAL, BABY! Pop the champagne, shotgun a green juice, eat some cake. Do something to celebrate! 'Cause you've got a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER now!

If we decide we want to book you, how do we go about that?

Don't worry about this for another second. I always arrive early at venues (whether I've shot there before or not!) to scout out the best possible locations and light for your photos. I've shot at countless wedding venues in every type of weather, light, and setting imaginable. I've got your back.




Will you shoot my wedding?

Heck yeah I will.