Newport Beach Backyard Micro-Wedding

September 1, 2020

The Best Backyard Newport Beach Micro-Wedding

If you’re reading this in the future, I want you to know that I’m writing this during the year of the coronavirus. Hopefully that isn’t a thing in 2021 (hopefully). But, it means that this year, couples are getting creative when it comes to their wedding days. And, I am all for it. Erica and Erik postponed their big yacht club wedding to 2021, but they still wanted to get married on their original date. So, they opted for a family-only intimate backyard Newport Beach micro-wedding at Erik’s family beach house.

The Micro-Wedding Ceremony

Erica and Erik’s micro-wedding day was intentional from the start. They opted not to do a first look, so their first look was down the “aisle” (read: sand). Their officiant led everyone in a meditation and then burned a bundle of sage and wildflowers that Erica made herself. She cleansed the space, and you could tell that this day was going to be a good one from that very moment.

Erica and Erik shared personal vows with one another. The wind was loud, making their vow sharing even more intimate since they were the only two that could hear one another.

They shared their first kiss as husband and wife with the dark blue ocean churning in the background.

After the Beach Ceremony

After the ceremony, we quickly took some photos on the beach before heading back to the beach house backyard. There, the moms began setting out endless numbers of pots of King crab legs, mussels, clams, and every yummy type of seafood imaginable.

It was Swedish Crayfish Day, a traditional summertime eating and drinking celebration in Nordic culture. This was perfect seeing as Erik’s mom is Swedish. Again, another intentional aspect of their day.

The food was never ending, and the drinks flowed all night long. Erica, Erik, and I snuck out for some quick couple portraits at sunset overlooking the Newport Beach bay.

When we returned, Erik’s dad gave a toast. His mom then performed a traditional hula dance for the couple before “knitting Erica into the family” with a homemade sweater from her mother.

The evening ended with the cutting of a Prinsesst√•rta or “Princess Cake”, a delicious layered cake that is popular in Sweden.

Everything about Erica and Erik’s day was intentional to a T. From the decorations to the Swedish/German/Chinese music playing in the background all night long, everything had a meaning and a purpose. It was a wonderful micro-wedding, and I truly hope these intimate celebrations don’t end when the pandemic is over.

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