Modern Chinatown LA Engagement

September 2, 2020

A lot of couples come to me and ask for what they like to call non-basic engagement photos. And, this is pretty much what Kelsey and Clarence were going for with their modern Chinatown LA engagement session! Well, that and the fact that they just really like Chinatown in general.

Clarence + Kelsey met at a hospital. When Kelsey told me that, I was intrigued. Like, “Ok…Tell me more”. I was imagining them sharing a hospital room or sitting next to each other in the ER. But, it was even better than that. It all started when Kelsey tried to cut open an avocado one night when she was living in D.C.. She was in a hurry to get somewhere and knew she would probably be hungry soon, so she reached for an avocado. As she was cutting it open, she stabbed her hand. Not just like a little cut. She straight up STABBED herself. Blood everywhere. Had to call 911.

When she got to the hospital, Clarence was the lucky guy who got to stitch up her gory hand. Then, Kelsey went home. And, Clarence probably stitched up some more people. Basically, they went their separate ways. Unit Kelsey decided to look him up on LinkedIn and message him. Then, the rest was history.

They got pho on their first date, and Clarence wore this red hat. So, obviously, he wore the red hat for their engagement session & we ended the night with a pho date. Scroll for some pho-nomenally cute pics (gosh Liz, why ya gotta include such a bad dad joke in this blog post??? UGHHH).

UPDATE: K + C are married now! Check out their wedding pics here!

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