Mid-Century Modern DTLA Elopement

September 2, 2020

Maddi and Marshall chose to elope this summer in Maddi’s home state of California. They wanted to celebrate with some folks who could not fly up to Portland for their wedding this fall. So, we made a super fun day out their mid-century modern DTLA elopement.

The Elopement

We started their elopement off with a back-to-back first look. Maddi’s friend Haley prayed over the time of them before they turned to see each other for the first time. The overwhelming JOY was radiating off of Maddi and Marshall. I mean, just check out the photos! Look how happy they are!

Next, we met up with a family friend of Maddi’s. He officiated their elopement on a little street corner in the Arts District. His wife live streamed the ceremony so Maddi and Marshall’s families and friends could watch. Before their first kiss, Maddi nearly collapsed into Marshall out of excitement.

After their ceremony, we took a few photos with Maddi and Marshall’s dear friends (who are also engaged!). They then said goodbye, and Maddi, Marshall, and I began exploring the area for all the best photo spots. We found a beautiful bougainvillea bush, some quirky walls, and a cute little stoop that photographed perfectly. We even walked in the beating sun to coffee shop (Maru) that we thought was closer than it truly ended up being. Whoops!

Coffee is a super important part of Maddi and Marshall’s relationship. The day they first met was at a coffee shop. And, still to this day, one of their favorite things to do together is get coffee together. It was only fitting that we made this a part of their DTLA elopement, even if we did have to wear masks the whole time. Ahhh, love in the time of COVID.

Are you a fan of this mid-century modern inspired DTLA elopement?

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[…] CLICK HERE: Mid-Century Modern DTLA Elopement […]

[…] might remember that I photographed Maddi + Marshall’s elopement in DTLA earlier this summer. They wanted to be able to celebrate with Maddi’s extended family and […]

[…] Click here: Mid-Century Modern DTLA Elopement […]