LA New Year’s Eve Engagement

December 5, 2020

When you’re getting married on an actual LA New Year’s Eve, you’ve just gotta have a New Year’s Eve-themed engagement session, right? I mean, it’s basically an unbreakable rule. So, A + E downed some old fashioneds from Inko Nito Downtown, and then we set off to shoot in my favorite (hidden) part of the LA Arts District.

A did a quick outfit change in the car, and she stepped out wearing the engagement session dress of dreams (shout to Rent the Runway for this look). Really, it’s such a freaking treat when couples want to do something out of the box. And, it’s even better when they incorporate elements that are special to them in their pics (cue all the old fashioneds). I’ll add one more thing: their energy was contagious, and their love was puke-worthy (I mean that in a really good way). They work so well together, true complements to the other — and dang did I have a good time with ’em.

So stoked that we got to shoot this LA New Year’s Eve themed engagement session before their LA New Year’s Eve wedding in 2021. It’s gonna be a total blast. And, if they look half as cool as they looked at their engagement session, well, they’ll still look cooler than I ever have in my entire life.

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