For those of you don’t know me personally, you should know that I am borderline obsessed with Joshua Tree. Like, I’ve been saving up to buy a house there. I love it that much. So, when Taylor and Matt told me they wanted Joshua Tree Airbnb engagement photos, I was ALL IN.

My First Engagement of Summer

Like a lot of my other blog posts, I’m writing this mid-pandemic. Coronavirus is still alive and well, and that’s probably why I finally have the time to blog in the first place. Taylor and Matt were my first engagement session of the summer, since I was holding off on photographing sessions at the beginning of the pandemic. Don’t worry, I wear a mask, don’t shake hands or hug, and I sanitize like every 30 seconds.

The Airbnb

We began Taylor and Matt’s engagement session at the cutest Airbnb (The Shack Attack). I mean, if someone’s going to design an Airbnb to be as cute as this one, it’s basically meant for photos, right? Right. Just be sure to always check with Airbnb owners beforehand to make sure it’s okay!

Joshua Tree National Park

After taking some cuddly photos of Taylor and Matt at The Shack Attack, we hopped in our cars and drove to Joshua Tree National Park. Even though it was the middle of summer, it wasn’t too hot — just around 90 degrees! Well, I guess that is hot. We’re in the middle of a heat wave as I’m typing this.

We climbed rocks, walked along trails, and made sure to get lots of photos with the funky little Joshua Trees in the background. As the sun set, we snapped a quick silhouette before heading back to the Airbnb for a few final photos.

P.S. Taylor wore the best outfits throughout the session, like a dress by For Love & Lemons.

Back to the Airbnb

We ended our evening sipping on Juneshine hard kombucha and taking photos in the Airbnb‘s cowboy tub. It was pitch black outside, but we were able to take some of my favroite pictures of the night under the backyard string lights.

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