DTLA Rooftop Engagement Photos

June 5, 2020
A couple looks out at the downtown Los Angeles skyline at golden hour

Meisha and Ace — When we were planning their engagement session, Meisha wrote to me and said, “[Ace’s] only request is that we don’t be basic”. Hell. Yes. We started off pumping some liquid courage (read: liquor) into ’em at a rooftop bar downtown. Then, I drove them and their freshly-tequila-d selves to the top of one of my rooftops for a view of the DTLA skyline (the perfect spot for engagement photos, if you ask me). If you tell me that you want non-basic photos, you know I’m gonna provide.

P.S. Scroll to the bottom for a fun GIF!

A photo taken from overhead as a couple walks while holding hands across a crosswalk below
A photo taken from overhead of a couple kissing with a view of a crosswalk below
A couple skips happily atop a rooftop at golden hour with a view of the downtown Los Angeles skyline in the background
A couple gazes at the skyline of downtown Los Angeles at sunset