Glamis Sand Dunes Engagement

September 2, 2020

It’s not every day that a couple you message on Instagram says, “Sure! We’ll drive four hours to the middle of nowhere for a Glamis Sand Dunes engagement session with you!”. I mean, really. What if I was a serial killer? (I’m not)

Uly and Ernesto met me at a random parking lot in the middle of some sand dunes in the middle of nowhere. My phone actually thought I was in Mexico at one point (didn’t get any international charges though — boo yah!).

They brought the heat to this chilly January engagement session, putting all of us to shame in their perfect monochrome outfits.

As we clamored up sand dunes and got the best calf workout of our lives, Uly and Ernesto still managed to look perfect the entire time. Getting to capture their magic on camera was a literal treat. I couldn’t stop telling them how beautiful they were.

Not only were they beautiful, but they were down for any prompt or pose I threw at them. Roll around in the sand? Done. Hike up that dune and then chase each other down it? Done. Light these sparklers, kiss, and try not to catch your hair on fire? Done.

I really felt so fortunate to have such pure, genuine love in front of my camera that day. It made the 4 hour drive (I’m talking each way, people) totally worth it.

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