Backyard Beach Bungalow Micro-Wedding

October 28, 2020

October 10, 2020 was the most popular wedding date of the year, and I feel like the luckiest human that I got to spend it with K + C at their backyard beach bungalow micro-wedding in Dana Point. They started their wedding day at Doheny State Beach — drinking beers with friends, surfing, playing games on the sand, taking naps in the sun. It was relaxed and laidback, the most ideal start to a micro-wedding (or any wedding) day if you ask me.

Getting Ready for the Micro-Wedding

Then, K and her family drove to their Airbnb while C and his groomsmen cruised over to his best man’s mom’s Dana Point beach bungalow. C steamed his shirt with the natural steam from the shower, and the other groomsmen set up the bar in the backyard. It was like a little garden paradise, complete with a greenhouse and artists’ shack on the lower level.

Over in K’s neck of the woods, hair straighteners were heating up and mascara was being swiped on lashes. I got a front row seat to the immense amount of love in that room — her older sister steaming her veil (with a real steamer, not shower steam), dad watching from the corner as his “little girl” put on earrings, mom trying not to shed tears when K gave her a thoughtful gift. There was a whole lot of love, and this was the common theme throughout the entire day.

Backyard Ceremony

K + C held their ceremony on the top level of the backyard, with trees and ocean views in the background. One of C’s close friends married them, and lots of family watched via Zoom. We then moved onto family photos and, eventually, couple photos inside of the greenhouse. It was a dream. There was even an avocado tree in the backyard! If you don’t get why this is significant, click here to read about the avocado accident that made their paths cross for the first time.

So thankful that I got to be a part of K + C’s backyard beach bungalow micro-wedding. And, I cannot wait to celebrate with them again next year — this time at the Historic Adamson House in Malibu!


[…] UPDATE: K + C are married now! Check out their wedding pics here! […]